These are varieties of Smart Mirrors I have created the in past. Display sizes range from 12 inches to 60 inches diagonally. Functionally, they range from static "widgets" on the screen to voice controlled and touch screen interactable. Watch the video below for a short intro to the birth of MirrorMirror the worlds first DIY friendly Smart Mirror.
## Display Capabilities The software & functionality of the mirrors also vary. To describe the display capabilities and not limited to: * Remote controllable "Complements" Carosuel * Live Twitter Feed * Real Time Commute Display * Today's Schedule MirrorMirror's appearch on PHL17 gives the whole picture: ## Interactive Capabilities In addition to displaying information, the Smart Mirrors provide touch, hearing and even motion interactivity. * Voice commands * Gesture control * Touchscreen The most public example of past work includes my involvement on-set with the Project Upgrade series produced to encourage girls to explore STEM: I helped coordinate the build of a smart mirror that included touchscreen interface that drove the cast's custom software that included a calendar and affirmations. I also supplied the build list for the project and defined the technical requirements for each of the components. Our MirrorMirror selfie with the Merrill Twins Source: IMDB profile ### Gesture Control Smart Mirrors can also utilize a A.I. to track a user's movements. This allows the user to control the mirror with hand gestures. Below is a prototype showing how you can "swipe" left and right on the mirror's home screen: ## Remote Controls Smart Mirrors can be remotely controlled in real time, below is an example of a prototype with a web dashboard to drag and drop widgets onto the mirror. However, the triggers could be based off voice or any other external event. Just ask and I can build it! ## Form Factors The mirrors can be built from 12' x 12' size all the way up to encompass full walls. This technology is no limited by size!